OXPAN Software for your Business

Oxpan Cooperator Gold Plus


Experience Cooperative Banking in your way. Charkhata System, Nepali Report, Collection App, SMS Alert, Multibranch and Cloud Ready System With 14 years of success. Any scale cooperative, any types cooperative, fit for all. Fit for any where. Offline or online...

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Oxpan Micos


Yes, cooperative has no boundary. You can do various activities on the favour of member's benifit. Microfinance is one which can push up the poor families towards the shining rays. OXPAN MiCOS is the solution for microfinance. Colelction centers, groups, collection sheets, collection schedules, group reports and all with cooperative. Enjoy and give benifits to the members...

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Oxpan dugdha

OXPAN Dugdha

Create milk accounts of farmers. Statement of everyday collection. Do somethig for farmers. OXPAN Cooperator Dugdha gives full packate of milk collection, milk collection statement, timely and accurate calculateion, integrated with cooperative accounts. Put a computer at dairy front.

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Oxpan Coop Mart

OXPAN Coop Mart

Run a shop for your members. Give account ID and a card. Purchase from the mart and pay from the account with some discount. Do it for the your customers the mart in cooperatives. Purchase from your member or sell to your members or do both for members. Sales book, purchase book stock, profit and loss all integrated with cooperative.

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Oxpan Web hosting

OXPAN Web Service

Build you web site for you business and explore yourself to the world. The world should know what you are and how valuabale you are ...

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Oxpan SMS


Add SMS service to your business. Directly send your offers to you client. New offers, payment reminders, transaction alert any kind of message send directly to your client.

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Oxpan All Mart

OXPAN All Mart

Place a computer at a corner of your shop. Just select the goods sold, make a entry and be happy. You can see your works. How much sale you did how much profit you earned in a day in a month and in a year. What may be the further steps to take. Calculate and decide

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