Frequently Asked Questions

What should we do if our client computer didn't open OXPAN Cooperative Software then?

Please be sure the server computer must be on.And make sure in login page there is the name of server computer.

What should we do if we forget our OXAPN cooperator goldplus password?

For security issue we didn't public the answer please contact in office near you.

what is the price of your cooperative software?

Please share your email with us.We will sent you a quotation of our software after that we go for next step like software demo.

When are you going to lunch your BAncose Product?

We are in testing phase. If we get as good result we will publish it.Please touch with us for further details.

What should we do it OXPAN software didtn't open in our branch office?

Please be sure the Internet must be connected in your server computer.

What is the price of your new product Bancose?

It is available with affortable price . Don't Worry..

We need training about your dugdha software?

We are available for you at any time.Please confirm you date for training by contacting our office which is near for you.

Is there any product of Attendance Management System in your Organization?

We don't have AMS currently.If you want then lets discuss for it.